Coronavirus update: 07/05/20 Medipure Suprox(TM) Hand sanitiser and high level disinfectant solutions for surfaces are now available. Suprox(TM) technology has BETTER efficacy than Alcohol products and is safer to use. Suprox(TM) is Bactericidal, Virucidal (including Coronaviruses) Fungicidal, Mycobacterical and Sporicidal. Medipure has the capacity to supply hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporate clients, and more. For prices and enquiries

Water Testing

Endoscopy Weekly Water Testing

This includes:

  • Total Viable Count (TVC) by membrane filtration,
  • Hardness and Electrical Conductivity
  • Environmental Mycobacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa testing
  • Chemical analysis - conductivity, hardness, pH and levels of Chloride, Iron, Silicate, Nitrates and Lead.

Surrogate devices inoculated with a range of microorganisms are used to analyse the efficacy of the disinfection process. Microbiological analysis of rinse water, the ability of the washer to remove test soil and effective chemical dosing is also established.

Medipure Ltd provides an Annual Infection Control Service Contract. The packages provided can be adopted to suit each customer’s requirements.

For example:

  • Modules cover infection control issues on all surfaces, in the air and in water supplies within the hospital environment.
  • Our packages provide clients with monitoring, reporting, validation and training. We also provide solutions to the problems, a technical resource and an advocacy service.
  • Any part of the hospital where infection is a problem can be covered by the support packages for examples: Theatres, HSDU, CSSD, Endoscopy, ENT, Community Stores and Wards.
  • The current service provides full or part validation checks of equipment under HTM, CFPP 01-06, WHTM 01-06, or EN15833 Guidelines, departmental protocols or supplier's operation and maintenance schedules.
  • HTM 2030/2025/2010, CFPP 01-06, WHTM 01-06 & EN15833 - we provide advice on interpretation of the guidelines to all the interested parties within the trust.
  • The checks that we undertake are full electro -mechanical and microbiological checks.