Coronavirus update: 07/05/20 Medipure Suprox(TM) Hand sanitiser and high level disinfectant solutions for surfaces are now available. Suprox(TM) technology has BETTER efficacy than Alcohol products and is safer to use. Suprox(TM) is Bactericidal, Virucidal (including Coronaviruses) Fungicidal, Mycobacterical and Sporicidal. Medipure has the capacity to supply hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporate clients, and more. For prices and enquiries

Suprox – The biodegradable, safe and effective antimicrobial

Suprox oxygenated water, a blend of electrolysed brine and electrolysed acid water, has been developed by Medipure and branded as Suprox to provide a unique ECAB biocidal liquid.

Medipure have also developed the technology and experience required to enable the product to remain stable and active in storage making it an ideal agent for use in healthcare with excellent virucidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and bactericidal powers whilst at the same time Suprox is biodegradable, it is therefore not detrimental to the environment or aquatic life.

Suprox is a biodegradable, eco-friendly, safe and effective answer for cold sterilization available in liquid in volumes up to 1000 litres or as wipes

Suprox can be supplied as:

  • MP-016 Suprox 1 litre
  • MP-074 Suprox 2 litre
  • MP-017 Suprox 5 litre
  • MP-018 Suprox 20 litre
  • MP-066 3-litre Tub of Suprox Liquid & 70 Disinfectant Wipes
  • MP-067 Refill 70 Disinfectant Wipes & 2.5 litres of Suprox
  • MP-061 5-litre Tub of Suprox Liquid & 90 Disinfectant Wipes
  • MP-063 Refill 90 Disinfectant Wipes & 2.5 litres of Suprox

Suprox Technical Data