Coronavirus update: 07/05/20 Medipure Suprox(TM) Hand sanitiser and high level disinfectant solutions for surfaces are now available. Suprox(TM) technology has BETTER efficacy than Alcohol products and is safer to use. Suprox(TM) is Bactericidal, Virucidal (including Coronaviruses) Fungicidal, Mycobacterical and Sporicidal. Medipure has the capacity to supply hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporate clients, and more. For prices and enquiries


“Medipure has supplied us with validation laboratory testing services for over 20 years now. This relationship has proved so durable, due in no small part to Medipure's quite exceptional customer services and their ability to react quickly, helping us meet the needs of our customers”.
Chris Houmark, Operations Manager, Cantel Medical (Wolseley House, Dyson Way, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford ST18 0GA UK)