Coronavirus update: 07/05/20 Medipure Suprox(TM) Hand sanitiser and high level disinfectant solutions for surfaces are now available. Suprox(TM) technology has BETTER efficacy than Alcohol products and is safer to use. Suprox(TM) is Bactericidal, Virucidal (including Coronaviruses) Fungicidal, Mycobacterical and Sporicidal. Medipure has the capacity to supply hospitals, healthcare facilities, corporate clients, and more. For prices and enquiries


Training can be provided by Medipure Ltd in the areas of :

  • Infection control - training for professionals within sterile health services to work in accordance with HTM 2030, 2025, 2010 and to improve skills in sterile services.
  • 17 training packages are available
  • Training can be provided around a customers specific need

Infection Control Training

  • Medipure believes that training is vital and significant to improvements in infection prevention and control
  • We understand the time constraints within the health services and therefore we offer our expertise and help to support and develop your existing and on-going needs
  • We offer customised and flexible training either at our sites in Chester and Wales our at the clients own sites or at a venue of choice.
  • Medpure has developed an extensive range of 19 training packages for staff working in the areas of infection prevention and control
  • Medipure can develop training programmes specifically to the needs of our clients
  • All training packages include course notes and manuals and each person attending the courses provided will be provided with a certificate of attendance
  • Medipure provide sterile services support contracts to healthcare trusts which includes up to 40 hours training per annum.
  • For further information about training please contact Medipure Ltd direct.